Time Management
Genre: Management

Students will research their chosen skill area, consider their experiences relating to the actioning of their Learning Contract/Action Plan and write a report of approximately 3000 words.

About the Book

Time Management


The term Time Management, takes in its preview more than only managing time in an effective and efficient way (Beckwith, 2006). Time is one of the most important resources in an organization which is often not taken seriously, and people develop a habit of underutilizing time resource. Achieving objectives and goals will be meaningless without a particular time frame, and to do so we have to respect the deadline, and utilize the available time to the fullest. Many a times knowledgeable, efficient and skilled people perform miserably because of lack of time judgment. Proper time management is not difficult, but it is not a task which we need to accomplish (Covey & Merril, 1994). The concept of time management should be understood and implemented in every sphere of life, be it professional be it personal, and incorporate it as a component of quality lifestyle. Proper time management increases confidence and flexibility to stretch oneself to new challenges, opportunities, learning etc. Well- managed time reduces excess stress, balances the equation in work life and personal life, and reduces time wasting activities, increases efficiency and effectiveness. In this report, it has been tried to elaborate the concept of time management, theories and postulations about time management and their effectiveness in present day business and personal life, how someone can make full utilization of available time, and increase his potentiality to perform better (Dodd & Sundheim, 2005). I have identified that time management is an area which is very important an attribute one manager should possess, and it is the area where I felt I am week. Also it has been a neglected concept in business organization. I have tried to understand the various time management theories and concepts and based on that I have drawn up time Management Plan or Action Plan. I tried to implement that action plan and measure my performance level. Based on my performance scorecard I will try to strengthen my weaknesses, and work on them.

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