Theory Of Political Language
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Theory Of Political Language

Political Language has power

Language is one of the most important and earliest tools developed by human beings. The use of language is done by humans to communicate the ideas and to pass the information to other humans. But politics is also a tool which is used by the humans to gain control to make decisions and have control over the resources. Thus political language refers to the use of language by people and the leaders to achieve their political objectives.  The use of political language has been going since the evolution of human societies. Many politicians and leaders make their fortunes by making shrewd used of political language. This is not to say that use of political language is a bad and evil thing. Even the best and noblest of things like the elimination of apartheid from South Africa was done by correctly using the political language. But generally it is observed that leaders when they use political language, they try to reflect their ideology, mystify the people and distort the facts in order to achieve certain objectives (Edelman, 1985).  Use of political language generates great amount of power for the speaker and leaders all over the world to win mass support for their actions or to increase their popularity among their people make use of political language. There are many examples available in the history where the use of political language by certain leaders was done successfully to obtain support from the other people and to do things which seem to be impossible. It will be discussed here that how political language creates power for those who use it and how leaders have made use of political language.

Political language derives enormous power for the speaker by virtue of it characteristics. Some of the main features of the language they use can be any of the following or combination of the following- persuasive, rhetoric, suggestive, open ended, etc. (Laitin, 1977). A person who uses political language to achieve his objectives must be good at use of such words and sentences. Persuasive political language is one where the person tries to persuade his audience for doing certain act for which either they are not in support of or are in doubt of doing it. The person here tries to convince the audience by means of showing the audience the advantage of doing things for the audience which we wants them to do. When the audience starts believing that supporting the speaker is it in their benefit, the speaker gets power and public backing to do things we wants to do. The famous example of such a use of language is the campaign conducted by present USA president Barrack Obama to come to power. He persuaded the US public to vote for him by telling them that he will bring in policies which will help US citizens to overcome the problems they faced after the global financial crisis. The US citizens who were tired of their financial problem saw that voting Obama is more advantageous due to the persuasive language used by him and he got himself selected as the president.

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