Teams,Ethics And Competitive Advantage

In this assignment, we are asking you to think about the skills and competencies that have been identified as necessary for successful careers in the 21st century. You need to read the two compulsory readings and compare and contrast their ideas about what
skills are most important and why.

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If we want to get sustainable competitive lead beforeothers inpresent day’s cut throat business environment, all the employee managers need tactics for problem anticipation, issue identification as well as solving tactics, which along with their prowess to work with along with their teams so that they can engage in meaningful and ethical decision making for their organisation. For any manager, critical as well as self-reflective thinking is very much central for their success during their study as well as upcoming professional business careers.
The course has fostered the specific development of business professionals like us who are very much informed and have the skills aswell as competences which are needed for meeting the challenges of global business in the present century. We also got the feedback of our prospective employers that they will only employ graduates who are able to communicate clearly, efficientlyas well as effectively with a range of different stakeholders. This has also empowered us with skills which are necessary to engage in critical thinking as well as problem solving as now we possess highly developed ethical reasoning skills so that we can work effectively along with teams in organisations as well as can lead them individually.We have also learnt from our course experience that eventually by improving these skills, we can just not only enjoy our course learning more but also can develop a specific and enduring range of personal along with professional networks.

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