Teaching Practices and Literacy

The report discusses affects of teaching practices on students and how to enhance the overall teaching experience to promote quality literacy.

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It is of almost importance for the new age teachers that they have knowledge regarding their students. This knowledge should comprise of the factors like the backgrounds of the students as well as what are the occurrences in the lives of the students and the way in which they are coping with these. Teachers as well as the current educational set up needs to understand that it will be perilous to view the students as only intellectual elements. It is important to give importance to the fact that students are emotional as well as social beings. In view of the fact that the relationship of the student and the teacher is primarily based on their communication the teachers need to appreciate that these factors help in improving the conversation between the students and themselves.

A teacher’s task in life is not only to teach the educational aspects of a student’s life but also to help him to develop his personality and shape his future. It can never be possible to effectively carry out these tasks without knowing the students’ backgrounds and what is occurring in the students’ lives. Also while interacting with the students inside the class it is important for the teacher to give them right kind of treatments or inputs regarding their studies or other behavioural aspects. Without proposer knowledge of the background of the student it is likely that a student gets inadvertently misguided by the teacher. Since a good schools and teacher can never let this happen, it is important to know the current proceedings in the lives of the students as well.

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