Talent Management
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We must explain our finding regarding talent management issues in the context of the above cited case.

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Competition between companies has become more hard fought these days with the development of technology minimizing the differences between them to marginal levels. This indeed has presented a new challenge for the HR in the organizations; to get the right set of talent to do the job and most importantly to retain them. People connected to one another by means of a plethora of social networking options has in fact made it more difficult for the companies to retain the talent as the top performers are easily picked up and the employees on an “eternal job hunt” mode searching for their next perfect job. Over the period of time talent management has become one of those areas which impacts the company bottom lines as most of the companies these days have specialists taking up important roles. Delay in filling up these positions may lead to over stretching the existing team set up, delay in deliverables and some lost clients in the process. These specialists in the organization has made the whole business person specific and this has made it essential for the human resources department to retain them and enhance the skill sets of this set of employees to meet the evolving needs of the role and the organization (Russell, 2001). The tactics that recruiters adopt towards talent management is varied based on the socio cultural frame work and the competitive landscape that they are in. In a recent study conducted amongst 90 HR managers it has been found that better sourcing techniques tops the list, followed by effective use of social media platforms and improvements in systems and processes to be the most important things that the HR managers has to focus in order to get the best talent on board. Surprisingly in the study only 7% claim that attractive compensation and benefits has worked for them in getting the right talent. This might possibly because of the fact that it is no longer a differentiator and most of the companies are relying on the corporate brand image and other job related factors like the diversity, design and flexibility to create the differentiation to attract and retain talent.

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