System Management
Genre: Management

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About the Book

System Management

System Management is the management of the information technology systems in an organization.

Executive Summary 

Law For You (LFU) is a young and growing law firm that is growing in terms of clientele, geographical locations and business verticals. To manage its operations effectively and take prudent decisions quickly based on real time information available.

Company’s current presence is at one location with the staff of 10, all the business processes being done manually and it has no online presence at the moment. LFU needs to establish processes to manage its operations at various locations; wants computerize its day-today operations and foray into online presence with search engine optimization, advertising on social networking and mobile app economy.

The report discusses the problems faced by LFU, how information management system can be useful in terms of operations and decision making, the impact of computerization on overall change and what security measures company will have to take when It moves from people dependent to process dependent organization.


Aim: The report aims to describe how information system can help LFU transform its business processes and take advantage of its brand and reputation to capture larger market share.

Scope: The report covers problems faced by the LFU and tries to understand the business requirement out of it to suggest the best possible information system that can be implemented in the organization. It also discusses how implementing information system will improve decision making, internal as well as the external communication. Company will have to prepare itself to the new organizational change and hence it is important that people are aware of the changes and security issues while working from different location and handling sensitive client data. Report covers security and ethical issues as well.

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