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SWOT Analysis


Since Truvia is developed two very big companies Coca Cola and Cargill, it will have a strong brand image when it will marketed in Australia (Truvia Website, 2012). It will have a good financial backing to go for an all out marketing campaign all over the country. It is also a natural sweetener developed from Stevia plant so people will be willing to buy it. It is already very successful in the US market and is the second largest selling sweetener in the whole of USA, so this will give the product a solid brand image and positive start (Truvia Website, 2012).


There are rumors regarding Truvia being bad for health as it may cause infertility and cancer, this might stop some of the people to buy this product. Also people might not like taste which is similar to sugar but not exactly the same. This product is very costly so it might not be very popular among the middle income or low income groups.


With people getting extra cautious about their heath and increase in the number of obese people throughout the country might trigger the sales of this product. The potential of product like these is huge in developed countries because of high calorie consumption and unhealthy eating habits. Also in such developed nations percentage of people suffering from diabetes is also high this is another customer group the company will target on.


Many health groups consider sweeteners as harmful to health and there are also several researches done to back this claim, so there might be some resistance in people to buy this product. Also this product might face severe competition from the existing players in the market who have strong foothold in the Australian Market.


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