Sweatshops Case Study
Genre: General Awareness

Students are required to do research and write an essay of 2000 words (with proper references) which demonstrates their understanding about the issue.

About the Book

Sweatshops Case Study

In Sweatshops Case Study we will read about all the issues related to sweatshops.There are several issues of sweatshops all around the world.The purpose of Sweatshops Case Study is to highlight the pros and cons of sweatshops and its effects on our economy. The past decade has faced severe protest from different groups of people like, Labor unions,Government officials, student leaders, etc. against employment of sweatshop labors. Sweatshops are represented as places having very poor working conditions, very low pay, child labor, lack of proper benefits, etc. (Liebold & Rubenstein, 1999). The US department has categorized sweatshops as a factory violating two or more labor laws. Sweatshops have taken various forms and can be found in almost any industry, but are more banal in garment industries, leather industries etc. The word sweatshop describes the obloquies labor practices carried out by manufacturers. ‘Sweaters’ was the name denoted to the manufacturers for they were the employers who underpaid and overworked their employees (Wolfgang, 1992).

Some factors that contributed to the conditions of sweatshops were: need of manufacturing goods to satisfy growing consumer needs, competition, lack of proper government regulation,increased immigration who were willing to accept low pay and bad working conditions.

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