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Tourism and its Importance:
Sustainability Tourism  can be defined as the temporary movement of people to destinations outside the places where they normally live or work for various reasons like leisure, business or to explore new geographies. With the advent of globalization and improvement in communication mediums people can move from one place to another in no time and can avail sufficient facilities to sustain their life for the short duration. The availability of cheap flights, hotel accommodations, GPS and internet facility to track the way, cheap flight and budget airlines and the increased liking of people to go to a natural place for the purpose of leisure are few of the common reasons behind the growth of tourism. In fact, tourism has grown as an industry and government of all countries pay special attention to increase tourism in their countries. There are various benefits of tourism for a country like inflow of foreign currency, development of transport, increase in employment,economic activities increase by selling home products to tourists, it accelerate the development of the regional area etc. It is being argued that tourism can play an effective role in reducing poverty in a more direct manner. It brings social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits which are quite effective in various directions. It can reduce the vulnerability of poor people by providing a range of economic benefits and opportunities. The following draft discusses the role played by tourism in reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The models of pro-poor tourism or volunteer tourism give further insights in this regard.

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