Supply Chain Management
Genre: Management

The assignment is essay based requiring extensive referencing to reported literature on the topic. The below section headings are not prescribed, but it is generally expected that your assignment covers the following aspects related to your chosen topic:

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? Background of construction method/technology/technique

? Discussion on advancement of particular method/technology/technique

? Critique of particular method/technology/technique

? Modern approaches to particular method/technology/technique

? Benefits of modern method/technology/technique

? Future directions for particular method/technology/technique – where to next?


RFID is a technology that is currently growing in use in other industries such as manufacturing and retail (Hannon, 2007). Any construction business relies on its supply chain for the effectiveness and the speed of construction task. An overflow of the supply can create a situation of high clutter while not enough supply can easily become the bottleneck issue for the whole construction project. For such reasons, it is extremely important for the construction companies and businesses to monitor every process of supply management and determine how the supply chain system is maintained. Supply chain management includes placing orders for the supply, estimating what quantities of the products are required for different construction tasks, and ensuring that the construction workers always have enough supply of the resources to continue the work. The supply chain management also handles the work of finding alternatives to the existing supplies in case of a dispute or supply interruption. Ensuring prompt delivery of supply and an effective monitoring system has always been a challenge to the management of supply systems. Fortunately, the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has emerged as a perfect solution to this issue.

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