Supply Chain Management
Genre: Management

The task is to analyse the supply chain management function of the assigned company and focuson one aspect of the supply chain for in-depth investigation. The objective is to find out how the company leverage its resources, capabilities, and competencies on that particular aspect of supply chain to gain its competitive edge.

About the Book

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is devising a process of alignment of a firm to bring the offerings of a company in terms of its product and services to market. The process is such designed to reduce the cost of production and distribution and such that it helps faster to market strategies of goods and services. It includes the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, transporters,warehouses, retailers and the customers themselves.

It can be defined as strategically coordinating the existing business functionality and the process used across the entire business for improving the overall functionality of the business. Mentzer et al. (2001) in their article Defining Supply Chain Management in the Journal of Business Logistics, states that the markets where the companies operate are dynamic. The customers’ needs are ever changing and so are new players constantly entering the market with plethora of goods and services. To sustain in such a competitive environment it has become imperative for the companies to distinguish itself from others (Zukerman, 2002). Devising supply chain management strategies helps a company to attain this competitive advantage amongst its rivals (Landry, 1998). It helps a company to improve its products and services, to remove any bottlenecks in the production/distribution processes and easy available of all information. It also helps in demand management (Hodges, 2012, p. 6).

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