Supply Chain Analysis
Genre: Management

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About the Book

Supply Chain Analysis


Every executive within an organization would want their organizations to perform to the best of their potential and at the same time try and seek newer ways to make such a thing happen. The purpose of the study in this report is to understand how supply chains can enhance the performance of the firms through better coordination and collaboration amongst several of its participants. For the past couple of decades, since the economies of the world have started opening up, the organizations have looked majorly at maximizing the speed of the processes of their business and at the same time trying to minimize the costs associated with the products.

They have tried to do so by focusing on their supply chains and trying to make it more efficient. However even more effort is required from the firm’s perspective to bring in more cooperation amongst the various members and a broader way of looking at the entire process. Companies must look to find out newer and better ways to add value to their supply chains and not just merely look at these supply chains as a way of cutting costs. Rather it should be a combination of lower costs, better quality and flexibility in the processes at the same time that should be the focus of any of these systems of supply chain (Shariff, Irani, 2012, p. 57-68). The major assumption and belief of this report is that the firms that build the 3 Cs theories with proper cooperation amongst all its participants will be able to give superior value to the customers in the long run and hence become successful also. This contention is also supported by examples of many different firms who have followed this approach in the past and have become very successful as a result. Strategic cooperation, coordination and collaboration (the 3C’s) approaches are thus being implemented in all the top organizations in the world as they realize the effect of using the supply chain management systems to their maximum effect and get the best benefit out of them.

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