It Strategy
Genre: Business

Discuss and explain potential benefit of a clear and well-defined IT strategy and compare it against the risk of not having a well-defined IT strategy.

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It Strategy


Organizations are waging a battle for their survival in this economic condition where the competition that they are facing is huge and the economic scenario not so great to support them.This would mean that these organizations would require some key differentiators so that they would be able to match up to the expectations of the customers and at the same time we may say that with the advancement in the technology, the organizations are looking at improving their systems to ensure that they are able to reduce the costs and make the lives of their employees easier just because they are so used to multi tasking these days. IT strategy has evolved over year’s right from being used as an accounting tool to be an important part of doing business these days. The growth of companies like IBM and Accenture over the years signifies the importance that the companies give in ensuring that IT strategy is an important part in deciding how they go about their business. In earlier days the IT strategy never was discussed in concurrence with the business strategy mainly because the things that information technology could do to the business at that point in time was just to make things easier for the accountants in getting their math’s right. But now the scenario has changed by a large extent where IT forms a major part in almost all the operations and the companies are looking to optimize the resource utilization to maximize the production and minimize the utilization of the resources to the minimum possible. IT has evolved over the years from a minor computing element to be one of the game changing elements in the industry. . Now IT has been used by most of the companies in making the lives of the employees easier by integrating various technologies and reducing the redundancies in the system and bettering the business systems and processes. Information storage and knowledge management has become important for the companies and they have been looking at integrating their IT strategy as an important part while devising the business strategies. One of the most important changes that we have seen over the years have been that the size of the instruments that are being used has come down drastically with the advancement in the technology that has enabled any organizations to make IT an important part of their business operations. This was something which was not possible earlier manly because of the bulkier parts and customizations not possible to match up to the requirements of the organizations. The future of IT strategy is obviously bright with most of the companies looking at integrating the same to fuel their business goals and reach their in no time. One thing that I can be sure of here is that the

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