Strategy – RCLCG
Genre: Business

Identify and discuss the current strategy of the RCLCG.Justify whether you believe the current strategy is appropriate for the organisation or whether it needs to change.

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Strategy – RCLCG


The RCLCG is a land group which has huge presence in flora and fauna groups and promoting bio-diversity. The Riddles Creek Land Care Group (RCLCG) is a group which promotes land care in the town of riddle creek which has huge presence of different species. This group has implemented several strategies for their promotion as well as spreading awareness about the land care. This group has different resources and competencies which help in execution of current strategy. The strategies can be separated according to different functions in the organizations.

The major functions in RCLCG can be classified as:

1. Marketing

2. Finance

3. Supply chain management covering resources management

4. Human resource management

These functions have different strategy implemented as per the needs and objective of the organization. Strategies are needed for attaining the organizational goals and objectives and thus the strategy selected should be coherent with the need of organization (Best & Francis, 2008). Same is the case with RCLCG where the major objective of the organization is to have optimum resource utilization and increasing awareness about land care as much presence of diverse flora and fauna is priceless. We have identified several current strategies of RCLCG and these strategies will be categorized as per different business functions.

Current Strategies :-

1. MARKETING: Marketing is done in order to increase awareness about the product or service through different communication tools. In the case of RCLCG which is a land care group, the objective of the organization to spread awareness about preservation of land and bio-diversity in the form of flora and fauna. The communication message should be completely coherent with the organizational goals and thus properly designed and devised by the land care group.

The major current strategies in the field of marketing are as follows:

a. The most widely used marketing tool by RCLCG is digital marketing. They use social media such as Facebook and Youtube to promote and spread awareness about the bio-diversity to large number of people. They have dedicated facebook pages and youtube channel through which they promote videos as well as current happenings about the RCLCG. This marketing strategy has made RCLCG a popular land care group. They have many viewers on youtube as well as many followers on their facebook group page.


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