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Splunk-Background Of Organization

Splunk is relatively a young organization founded in 2005 to tackle the problem of big Data and machine data that will be generated with modes of communication and social networks increasing at the breakneck speed. Big data is a term collectively used for the data generated that is large and complex and is generated through various mediums. It is difficult to process such data on traditional database method as data is not uniform. Also data is defined by 3 Vs (Velocity, Variety and Volume). The rate at which the data is generated is huge hence the Velocity, the diversity and complexity of data defines variety part of data and the volume of data generated in terms of video, audio, RFID and text messages from mobile devices, websites, applications, servers, networks is beyond human imagination. AS every data processed will contain certain insightful information, with the same aim in mind, Splunk that delivered its first software in 2006 has now more than 5600 customers in 90+ countries (Company Website). Splunk tries to break down traditional data silos and attain operational intelligence that benefits both IT and the business. As per the Gartner report – 2012, Big data industry size is estimated to be around $28 billion and is estimated to reach around $232 billion including the infrastructure services (STAMFORD, Conn – October 2012). Hence there is huge market potential that can be tapped and there is enough room for every organization to expand. As Splunk is provides diverse services and solution to the industry there are many direct competitors of the company in the market viz American Software, AVG Technologies etc. Since the organization is listed in Nasdaq, it can be found on the every Nasdaq portal every competitor of the Splunk. But the industry and the market in which Splunk is operating and the future potential of the Big data and cloud technology that various research organization report there is huge growth potential for every organization and competition should not be much of the issue for this sector.

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