It Strategy
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Discuss how CIOs and their power (both positional and informal) can influence the IT strategy of firms

About the Book

It Strategy

In this report, we are analysing the role of a modern day Chief Information Officer (CIO) within an organization. The CIO is the senior most resource within an organization responsible for the information technology related processes of the organization. The CIO plays a vital role in deciding the information technology strategy of the organization. This is done in keeping with the wider business strategy and the business process of the organization. In many ways, as information technology changes drive the change in business processes of an organization, the role of a CIO within an organization becomes even more important.

The CIO is responsible for devising an information technology road map for the organization,devising partner and vendor management strategies for the IT vendors and partners and also deciding on the internal information technology based policies of the organization.In today’s technology driven world, the CIO holds an equivalent position vis-a-vis other C-level positions like Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer etc. As the world moves towards better technologies, as organizations become more technology oriented and dependent for their normal functioning, the role of CIO in the future is expected to grow in stature and importance, with the CIO playing the most important role in business strategy for effective administration and management of any organization.

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