Strategic Marketing

The aim of this assignment is to apply your strategic marketing knowledge and tools to analyse ‘The North Face’ (TNF) case, and to formulate recommendations for TNF’s future strategic marketing directions.

About the Book

Strategic Marketing

Executive Summary

TNF is a multinational retail & manufacturing company in the business of outdoor apparel as well as compatible equipment. TNF is now attempting to become a leader in the skiwear markets. The organisation wants to now serve for the bigger market chunk of specialty sportswear market. By getting into the skiwear market, TNF is planning that it will gain huge market share as well as profits in this competitive market.

The purpose of this business report is to work out on the strategic direction for TNF (TNF) as well as undergo market evaluation on its decision to enter into the skiwear industry. The report will also work on reviewing the TNF’s current performance in their traditional outdoor equipment market as well as give identifiable differentiated competitive advantage for the new Skiwear range. We also suggested new avenues which can be utilized for market growth.

TNF brand has always been associated with outdoor activities like sport, exercise. It is also associated with state of art products and their design. These are their competitive strengths which can be used for establishment of its footprint in the new market for skiwear.

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