Strategic Management
Genre: Management

Explain how the RCLCG will measure and evaluate the success (or otherwise) of your recommendations. You must use analytical tools/frameworks that have been published in recognised scholarly publications.

About the Book

Strategic Management


Stakeholders are defined as an individual person, collective group, organization, member or any specific system who affects the organisational actions or can be affected by an organization’s actions when any equilibrium is disturbed. Riddell’s Creek Land Care Group (RCLCG) was initially founded for working for the fundamental idea of conservation and improvement of Riddell’s Creek’s environmental assets for the present as well as future generations of mankind. The various stakeholders for this purpose of Riddell’s Creek Land Care Group (RCLCG) will be its own members and associated volunteers, Residents of the nearby areas, Flora and Fauna spread across the natural habitat, Other similar organisations which are also working within the community, state and federal Government and lastly, Society at large. Its own members and associated volunteers are central stakeholders as they are the ones which drive the Riddell’s Creek Land Care Group (RCLCG) for its basic goals. Every decision should be taken after taking them into confidence about how they see the strategic impact of recommendations proposed. Also, the effect of recommendations on the flora and fauna should also be understood as they comprise of essence of the goals of Riddell’s Creek Land Care Group (RCLCG).

The Primary Goals of Riddell’s Creek Land Care Group (RCLCG) is –

? Protection of Barrm Birrm as a community based asset.

? Information compilation as well as dissemination about Riddell’s Creek as well as related environmental assets (e.g. plant, bird & frog lists, weed mapping, map series)

? Environment related education (e.g. plant ID book, community walks, wattle ID key, newsletter, website)

? Seeking Help of members using which they improve their own land (e.g. Stream Frontage Program, Land for Wildlife, grant applications, TFN Covenants, etc.)

? On-ground works at social sites (e.g. planting, rubbish removal, weeding)

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