Strategic Human Resource Management
Genre: Management

I'm going to develop a structure for the project (plan) and, in about 1000 words, I'll do the part related to Human Resource Plan as mentioned in the attached proposal and in the proposal introduction.

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Managing the Strategic human resource management while making an entry into a foreign country is a tough task and one of the most important ones as it drives the business. IKEAs entry into South Africa and how the human resources would be managed in the whole process is what we would be discussing in this section. Even though they have made entry into various foreign countries, this would still be a new assignment for the organization as the geography differs and so does the culture. One cannot simply move into a different country and try and fit in their organizational culture into the employees in the country. First thing that they will have to ensure is that they have to try and match the local culture and make the necessary changes in HR policies to suit the environment. IKEA cannot manage to have all expatriates working for them in South Africa. They should have a fair mix of local people working for them. The HR should ensure that the rights of all people are protected and hence should design the HR policies that gives equal rights to all the employees be it local or expatriate. All the expatriates should be first trained to meet the company goals and they should be exposed to the culture that they will be dealing with in the organization. This would require good amount of planning from HR managers because they will have to clearly decide how they are going to take the HR policies forward. All the employees should be mapped on a talent scale and the skill gaps should be identified and sufficient training should be given to them so that these gaps are being covered. Employee retention is one of the most important factors in any international assignment. This is all the more important for IKEA as they are newly entering into the market and they cannot afford to make mistakes in getting the right talent on board (Stopford &Wells, 1972).

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