Strategic Human Resource Management
Genres: Business, Management

Select and discuss three current or emerging challenges that human resource practioners face in meeting the diverse needs of the contemporary workforce. In responding to this task, you may consider academic literature, business publications, credible online material as well as incorporating knowledge and experiences from within your own organization/industry.

About the Book

Strategic Human Resource Management


Chelmsford hotel is a small-European style boutique hotel located in the Melbourne, Australia. This hotel is co-owned by two brothers. These two brothers are Jeff and Chad Mitchell. If we look at the background of these two brother we find that they born and bought up in an environment where they had interaction with hospitality industry as their father had a motel in 1960s. These two brothers inherited a sharp contrasting personalities, while Jeff loved the hospitality business and as soon as he was old enough, he started giving helping hands to his father, Chad on the other hand showed least interest in the work and he carried same attitude to his adulthood. Jeff had never shown his disdain to any kind of work. He performed all kind of works with the same zeal (Dyer, 2005). He greeted gleefully to his guests and showed them rooms. He swept the parks, parked the cars. He enjoyed working there and as he loved his work, he never get tired of his work. Today he is chief executive officer of the Chelmsford Hotel. He sits in a corner office on the top floor and takes day-to-day operation related decisions. On the other hand, Chad, who is vice president of community relations at the hotel, plays golf and when it is off weather he goes to his favorite courses in Queensland or to his second home on the Mornington Peninsula. When he is not there Cindy, wife of Chad, handles his work. Cindy, the wife of Chad, is director of human resource. Cindy has no official degree and she has never worked as manager but she loves her work. She is a born leader. This is a very important trait to be a successful HR professional. Because of her leadership abilities she is very much respected by the staff of the hotel and she also delegates Jeff in his day-to-day operations decisions.

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