About the Book

Strategic Analysis Of Qantas Airlines


Qantas Airways limited is Australia’s largest airlines and is based out of Sydney. They dominate the Australian Domestic market with around 65% market share and 18% travelling in and out of Australia through them. Qantas is an acronym of Queensland and Northern territory Aerial services. In the year 1992, the Australian government has sold its domestic carrier and has made the airlines privatized which was later merged with British airways with its 25% stake in the business became owned by the Australian got with an overall stake of 55%. Later with the deregulation scenario unfolding and at the same time with the shutdown of Ansett Airways, many low cost competitors entered into the market and this has intensified the competition within the market. Qantas had to take some drastic steps to ensure that they put a hold on their losing market share and at the same time they had to make sure that they find a way to woo the customers back into their fold with some tough decisions that the management had to take.

Objectives And Limitations

In this report we aim to strategically analyze the market position of Qantas Airlines and the ways in which the market share of the same may be improved. We would look at the external factors that are affecting the business with the help of the environmental analysis and at the same time we also have to look at how the industry has evolved over a period of time and the competition and the factors that can influence the business from the perspective of the competition. We would use all these data to understand the opportunities and the threats that the company has and the ways to improve the market share. In this report we also would conduct an internal analysis of the company and identify the core competencies that have helped the airlines in becoming the market leader. We would also look at the value chain of the airlines where we would understand various steps that can be changed to make the processes much smoother and non redundant. In this report we would analyze the company by means of SWOT and look at the current strategies that are being adopted by them and at the same time make various recommendations that can be beneficial for them.

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