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Sport In Australia

Australia’s health 2006

In this academic study, author describes the various determinants of Australians, thereby, providing a background for the highest potential of disease prevention as well as health promotion. The author describes the conceptual framework of health for Australia’s health which shows various pointers like those of as biomedical and genetic factors, health behaviors, socioeconomic factors and environmental factors. The author points out various determinants which influence health and wellbeing, and can be influenced by interventions and by resources and systems. The Author concludes with a framework for determinants of health that illustrates how various determinants can relate to and influence other determinants as well as health and wellbeing (Australia’s health, 2006).

Economic benefits of enhanced fitness

In this work, Author talks about important social as well as economic benefits which are associated with an increase in physical activity. He talks about various gains which are seen in the workplace, in the health care system, and in lifestyle. The article talks about various monetary as well as nonmonetary costs and the advantages of higher physical activity related to personal, sociocultural, industrial, environmental, and geriatric sectors of the economy. Moreover, the article talks about Physical activity examination in the context of automation and presents the industrial benefits of this activity, such as enhanced productivity of workforce, reduced absenteeism of employees, lower employee turnover, and less occupational injuries. At the end, it talks about ethical issues, specifically the promotion of lifestyle along with personal responsibility versus corporate and societal related change (Shepherd 1986).

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