Sovereignty And Morality
Genre: General Awareness

What do you understand by “state sovereignty”? Do you think that this right has moral importance in a globalised world?

About the Book

Sovereignty And Morality

Practically sovereignty means having complete authority over a specific geographic area and does not refer to just authority beyond the reach of law. Rather it ensures sovereign equality through any reciprocal means of recognition that each member of international legal order refer to one another. Although the pronouncements of international order with reference to sovereignty of each member can be traced back to 1648 peace of Westphalia. Legal implications of such sovereignty have been found to be varying markedly from era to era. State sovereign includes the idea that all states are equal, irrespective of its size or financial capability or any such factors and confers equal rights to function as specific states and make decisions about their territory. However globalization has changed this very view of sovereignty by creating an open market for trading and creating a common platform. Specific issues that are bound to specific territories may be considered to be a concern to other regions also. Similarly morality is the differentiation of various intentions and actions between those that are right and wrong. The basic philosophy of morality is ethics. Morality plays an important role in international relations though critics argue its role to be very minimal .Moral arguments have been found to have a general effect on industrial relations even if its norms may not be universal (De Casadevante & Romani, 2007).

A state sovereign is viewed as a juridical entity of legal system which is non physical and is represented by central government. Such states have complete independent authority over a specific geographic area. A sovereign state is considered to be state with permanent population and a government and states that can enter into any trade relations with any other sovereign state. It is also possible for a sovereign state to remain unrecognized by other sovereign states although it may be difficult for them to exercise any treaty or policy.

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