Sodium Intakes In Children
Genre: General Awareness

The State Government is concerned about high sodium intakes in Children. You are team of nutritionists who have been employed to design a nutrition promotion program aimed to reduce sodium (& salt) intake in children (aged 5-12 years).As the leading nutrition team in Victoria,you have been asked to place all the details of the program onto a website (ie Portfolio on CloudDeakin) so the ideas can be shared with other regions.

About the Book


This program is aiming to assess the daily  sodium intakes in children of age range 5-12 years and provide recommendations to reduce the intake and negative impact associated with it. This program would be promoting a healthier diet and balanced nutrition in school meals because processed food products are one of the major sources of dietary sodium for school going children. This project would be named as:- “ sodium intake and management in young age students and reducing their sodium intake in lunches by at least 50 percent. Specific goal of this program is to reduce the sodium intake without making an impact on taste of the food and quality by 50 percent in a period of 6 months (Department of Health and Ageing, 2008). Sodium intake is a growing concern among government, health department and nutritional experts in young population of Australia. According to the data released by child nutrition and physical activity survey an average male child in age range of 5 -12 year is consuming 3196 mgs of sodium daily which is almost 300 percent more than daily requirement. In females this quantity is slightly less than male child but still is much higher than required (2694 mg per day). Highest consumption seen in children of age range 14-18 years is almost as high as 3700 mg per day. These data are the average of entire sample from different territories, states and regions and none of the sample came remotely close to the required daily consumption (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2008).

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