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Social Responsibility Of Organization

Social responsibility of Organizations  is the buzzword amongst the industry leaders these days as the product differentiation between the companies have become very minimal and most of the brands have to cash in on their brand value to get customers to their fold. Most of the companies resort to CSR activities just to ensure that they are in the media highlight and hence in the top of the mind recall of the customers. Academia is of the view that the business success can be achieved by a company only if we manage to connect the core business with the society where it exists. Still we see that there are many companies which have been high of their CSR activities while there are others who have been doing it for namesake. CSR activities and its potential to add up to the bottom lines have been thrashed by industry experts mainly because the activities that they have been doing has not been measured in monetary terms and in most of the cases it just becomes an exercise where the companies end up doing something just because they are mandated to do so (Roberts, 2003). If these activities are planned with their business goal in mind, it can do wonders in terms of benefitting many stakeholders in the process. There are companies like Coke and Vodafone which has taken up this activity seriously and have made it an important part in their marketing planning activities (Carroll & Shabana, 2010). There has been a huge change in the way CSR activities are being looked at by many companies as we can see that there are dedicated department planning out the same and trying to brand the whole event so that this would leave a lasting impression in the minds of the customers.

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