Social Media
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Research Design – full description and justification for the used paradigm; methodology; method of data collection; and analysis techniques.

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Social Media

Social media has become the important tool in order to connect the employees and share their knowledge worldwide and similar manner banking organizations are also finding the similar situation. In the current research NAB has been chosen as the organization where in major focus of the research would be to identify kind of social media platform which needs to be implemented in the organization so that work does not get hamper and working efficiency increases. For the current research primary research method has been used where in data collection is being done with the help of questionnaire and data analysis would be done through statistical analysis and content analysis method. From the research it has been found out that Facebook can be used in the organization with their separate forum and blogs so that employees can share their knowledge towards work and work efficiency can be enhanced.

Social media in current age has lot of importance for any business segment to achieve its customer base and develop marketing strategy through online and social media strategy. Some of the key social media website such as facebook, twitter and Linked in has evoled strongly and are playing critical role in order to evolve business and attaching customers through the business environment (Fitzgerald, 2012). Social media is not only providing cheap medium for advertisement but also providing a suitable platform for current age marketers to reach out to their customer base in cost effective manner which was not possible through other media types (Walker, 2013).

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