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Service Marketing

Issues in measuring service quality


The service quality which a company can maintain for the product it manufactures or the service it offers, are playing very significant function in the current modern aggressive business environment. This also adds to the organization’s strategic competitiveness. For the services sector the service quality or servqual, also acts as one of the most vital metrics for evaluating the performance of the company. For the purpose of achieving improved results with respect to this particular metric it is of utmost importance for the company to attain excellence (Zeithaml, 1996).

The servqual can be phrased as a very important strategic variable for the organizations which are playing the part of the service providers. It is also important for these companies to augment the quality of the service they offer as it is imperative for them to raise the acceptability of the company to the possible customers (Brown et al., 2001). This particular factor provides the company with a chance of getting hold of a positive influence which can be effective for a long term for the company as well as the customer base. An improved service quality also provides the company with a competitive advantage which may not be easily emulated by the competition companies within a short span of time.

A lot of past researchers and academicians have opined that an improved quality of service can facilitate a company for the process of creating as well as maintaining a group of customers who are more satisfied. For this reason it can be said that, satisfaction is dependent on anticipations of the possible consumers in addition to their perception regarding the service quality presented by the company.

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