Service Marketing Mix – KFC
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Your aim is to conduct an in-depth investigation and analysis of the organisations service marketing mix (7 P’s), highlighting areas that it excels in (i.e. compared to its key competitors) and areas that may need improvement.

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Service Marketing Mix – KFC


Kentucky Fried Chicken is a chain of fast food restaurants based out of Louisville, Kentucky in US. It’s a brand of the fast food giant Yum! Foods, since 1997, prior to that the company was an operating segment of Pepsico. KFC sells chicken products that are in the pieces form, wraps,salads and sandwiches. Although the primary focus of KFC is into selling fried chicken, however it also offers a variety of roasted chicken products along with other side dishes and desert offerings.

KFC does a market demographic segmentation of its market. The company has divided its market demographically in the following way.

? Customers between the age group between 6-65

? Gender is both male and female

? Family size can be 1-2, 3-4 or 5+

? Average monthly income of above 300 dollars

KFC has found out in its research of the market that its customers mainly belong to the Upper and Middle class strata of the society who have an independent life style. Also the company puts a great deal of effort in standardizing its supply chain and making it highly integrated. This is the reason why a KFC product in Melbourne would be having the same taste as the one you taste in Sydney. So its customers know what to expect when they enter a KFC store. (Fernando, Sengupta, 2007)

Service Marketing Mix


The primary offering that KFC provides in its assorted menu is the fried chicken that is served in many forms. The company also has an ‘original recipe’ of preparing this fried chicken , which it asserts to be special and different from other methods and hence the company has built up a great deal of myth surrounding this recipe by keeping it a secret from the public for such a long time.There are other chicken offerings also, like extra crispy chicken made using garlic marinade and double dipping the chicken in the flour and then deep frying the same in a machine that looks like an industrial pressure cooker.

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