Service Encounter

Using the flowchart,explain the significance of the service encounter, and its managerial implications. The written component of the essay should not exceed 1200 words (12 font, Arial or Times New Roman single spaced)

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Service Encounter


In any service industry, the experience that the customer has on the brand decides its future. The basis on which the brand would be judged would be the service encounter or the moment of truth of the customer that they would be getting through various interactions with the brand. Thus in case of any service based organizations the company should look at improving the customer touch points which are the key areas where there is an existing interaction with the customer. This is the ideal opportunity for the companies in ensuring that they leave a positive impact with the customers. In this assignment we would be looking at the impact that service encounter makes in the case of hospital industry by taking a real life situation that happens in Apollo hospital and we would look at the way in which these service encounters affects the business and the way in which these may be managed. There are several moments of truth in case of the customer and it is not possible here to analyze all of them. Thus we have considered a part of the service encounters that is there in the hospital industry (Ford, 1994, pg 433). Before going any further let us discusses what service encounters actually means, this is a mix of emotions where the customers judge the quality of service offered to them in economic sense with respect to the various experiences that they have. There are so many factors that if managed properly can lead to a better customer satisfaction and can increase the business considerably.

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