Selection Process
Genre: Management

Describe how you would develop and run an effective selection process to recruit suitable candidates for these two new design roles. You should justify the decisions you make and methods you choose with reference to the scientific literature.

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Selection Process

Hiring the right talent has become one of the priorities for the organization in ensuring that they get the best in the industry. This becomes all the more relevant in the scenario where we find that there is a dearth in the quality talent and the employee attrition is on a high. In this assignment we would look at various steps that we would take to hire Chief design engineers and design engineers for Value vehicles. When it comes to hiring quality talent, the candidates always prefer to go to company that has a good brand name and a great work culture. Since they have been in the market for so long and have been doing well sourcing of quality talent won’t be a big issue. There has to be a proper manner in which the candidates needs to be shortlisted and hired that can result in good hiring decisions that would ultimately help the company in the long run.

Various characteristics that are required for the candidates have been identified and the management is impressed with the same as they feel that these factors can help them in finding the right candidate who is suited for the job. Once this is clear there should be a process where in the applications are being invited from the candidates. It is always advisable to have a complete description in these applications so that the candidates are clear before attending the selection process on what is expected out of them. This would mean that the candidates who apply for the roles are competent enough to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the job. There should be a screening where this would be tested and this would help the company in ensuring that the quality candidates only move to the next rounds of selection. This can help us save the time and also the selection process can be more refined organized in this manner.


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