Scientific management
Genre: Management

Write an essay in which you discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of Scientific Management in the past and the present. The essay should arrive at a conclusion about whether Scientific Management is appropriate in workplaces today for effective management in general and for worker motivation in particular.

About the Book

Scientific Management

Organization is defined as a unit where group of people are working together to pursue a collective goal. To achieve this goal, these people needs to managed and have to assigned specific roles and responsibility. Since the industrialization when people started working together in a factory there have been many management methods to improve the productivity, economic efficiency of the company. These management methods are termed as scientific management approach for growth and efficiency. In this essay we try to analyze the various aspects of scientific management in manufacturing as well as the service department, try to evaluate their relevance in the current market scenario and understand the roles of manager. We have come from industrial age to globalization, where we are more dependent on knowledge and skills of the individual. That is the actual assets of the company rather than land and capital. Hence the traditional methods of management needs some bit of modification to manage the new age employees. The new methods of management demands employee should be treated fairly and given encouragement to align their individual goals to the organizational goals. This would ensure amicable working environment which in turn would result in higher productivity and innovation for the company.

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