Role Of HR Practitioners
Genre: Management

Evaluate the role of the HR practitioner in the modern organisation and assess its relevance in a changing global environment.?

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Role Of HR Practitioners

In the current Market scenario there is little difference between the product offerings from various companies and thus the companies are making effect use of the people as an important resource in creating the difference from others. HR managers have been an important part in making the strategic decisions of the company rather than just being a supportive faction that it used to be a decade ago. This has become all the more important as managing the work force can help the companies in improving the internal competencies of the organization and the at the same  time better the competitiveness of the companies in comparison to others in the market. Since the role of an HR have grown to these levels in an organization it is imperative that the HR managers should possess some important qualities that is necessary to support the expectations that the company has from them. Their roles have become all the more challenging in the wake of globalization where in they had to manage people from different origins and cultures which is a difficult task in itself. It is also found that the work culture in various nations also differ so the HR managers is loaded with the work of getting the productivity from all the employees and ensure that they are moving in the same direction (Horgan, 2003).

Increase in the competition and easy entry for multi nationals have made sure that the companies have to ensure that they are up there at  the top in terms of the human capabilities and the dynamicity in the industry have made sure that the companies have to be nimble and adjust to the changing situations in the market. In earlier days HR was merely seen as a function that carried out the administrative tasks but in the current market scenario they have a much more important role to play by being the change agents in the organization and being a part of the strategic decision making.

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