RFID Supply Chain Management
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Write cons and prons of RFID in supply chain management ?

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RFID Supply Chain Management


In the supply chain management of most of the retail giants, there are several factors that add on to the costs of the company and hence that needs to be changed. Legacy barcode systems are one of them and this has resulted in many disadvantages. The benefits that RFID can lent to the system is much higher and added to this the improvement in the performance of the RFID hardware has resulted in them getting more importance these days. In case of retail giants where in there are a large number of inventory that needs to be managed, this can be used as an effective tool and the read rates of RFID have improved over the years and this itself has made the whole proposition attractive as we see that now the technology have started becoming more affordable to the users. Earlier this was viewed as an application that is expensive and too much advanced so that many of the customers did not prefer to have it. In short it can be said that earlier the advantages that one can get with the help of RFID did not overweigh the costs that one had to incur, but with the evolution of Gen 2 RFID one can say that this looks more attractive to the customers and suppliers alike. We may now look at the various advantages and disadvantages that this provides to the managers in cutting down the costs that are associated with the supply chain and at the same time also to raise the customer satisfaction levels in the retail industry.

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