Research Essay
Genre: General Awareness

Is the Obama administration’s pivot to Asia an attempt to contain China?

About the Book

Post war developments in late 80s and 90s have lead to distribution of power between two countries on international front and these were US and Soviet Union. With sudden demise of Soviet Union, US became the only superpower in world and this moment was known by the name of unipolar moment. With passage of time China emerged as the power to give competition to US on international front (Krauthammer, 1990). The increasing power of China is as a result of high growth observed in GDP of the country wherein total GDP has increased 34 times from year 1980 to year 2011. There has been growth of 10 percent annually due to which China has emerged as superpower in the world (The Guardian, 2012). In the present research essay Obama administration’s pivot to Asia would be analyzed in order to understand whether it is to contain China or with some other objective. Obama administration’s pivot to Asia does not seem to contain China but as a result of the only superpower in the world with global interest and intervention in the global issues as well. Present essay would explore the Obama administration to Asia from three perspectives i.e. military dimension, political dimension and economic dimension so as to indicate that these efforts are not to contain China.

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