Research Essay – Apple
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Apple is a global giant whose success has been built on outsourcing to a range of other organisations located across the world. How can different organisational theory perspectives assist us in acquiring different understandings of Apple, its organisational networks and influence? In this essay you must use at least two paradigms/perspectives analyse Apple.

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Research Essay – Apple


Apple Inc. is the World’s No 1 organisation which has its success majority due to its outsourcing agreements to multiple organisations across the world. In this academic work, we will try and see how outsourcing has helped it and analyse it using two different organisational perspectives.

Different organisational perspectives can help us understand any organisation in terms of its functioning and decision making. The two perspectives which are chosen for analysis today are the Modernist perspective and Symbolic-interpretive perspective. Organization theory is never objective in itself. It helps us to think deep so that we can practically connect to matters. It can be used to understand the total value of the organisation so that we can apply the knowledge gained here in other important cases. This knowledge of application is an experience in totality and helps us to monitor the organisational performance regularly based on certain theoretical perspectives. Organisational perspectives can help us to better know the Nitti grittiness of functioning  and structuring activities which define any firm and know about how it design its processes (Jones 2004).

Apple Inc. has outsourcing its manufacturing to multiple strategic partners outside USA. It has been building its integrating manufacturing as well as designing facilities in multiple countries. Its global outsourcing network helps it to developing and launching products in global markets of Asia and Europe. Its multiple products are being made up in Shanghai, China which will help in cost saving ad increase profitability of Apple. But, Outsourcing increases the unemployment rate in USA manifold (Apple Inc. 2011). They contribute to success due to lower costs but sometimes are in troubled situation due to Labor issues. This year, apple released its supplier responsibility report where it showed some of the unethical practices which have led to disownment of its suppliers by Apple. One of its plants had 40 minors working. Also, Suicide cases at FoxConn and Waste release issues have marred image of suppliers. This shows the vulnerability which gets into multinational companies like Apple due to practices which are performed by its subcontractors (Foxconn International Holdings Ltd. 2012). These unethical practices are accounted with Apple also and create image issues for Apple in Global Market. Its subcontractors have been alleged for paying very less to their workers like $50 per month for 15 hour shifts. Apple has been showing its commitments so that they can ensure that working conditions in their supple chain are safe and workers are treated in respectful and dignified manner. Their manufacturing facilities are ensured to be environmentally safe. Apple has reiterated that they will not tolerate any violation of supplier code of conduct (Apple Inc. 2012).

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