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The Topics which I have chosen here are World Food Crisis and Obesity and Diabetes. I have chosen both them because they are starkly different yet show the different sides of this world. This can be seen everywhere in the world. At one side we are basking in glories of capital economy but on the other side people are still unaware of their basic rights. This is a also one of the most striking paradoxes of our recent times. Today, on one side, more people around the world go hungry than any time earlier in human history. When we look at the other side, there is an every increasing number of people who are now classified as obese which is now called as an overweight ‘epidemic’ and health crisis. These topics are important as when we connect both if the topics we can easily understand the production, distribution, consumption of food which will explain how we have arrived at these extremes of feast as well as famine (Atkins & Bowler 2001).

This discipline teaches us to connect our knowledge with real life experiences. I can easily say that this can be easily felt by each one of us. Our skill and knowledge can easily tell us that we are living in times where few are empowered with every luxury and many are not having basic neccesities of life. When we research more about the food crisis and obesity, the condition is very much dire. In itself, It is also very much systemic and global: it unites the world, but its pathologies are geographically distinct. When we look at the “developed” side of this calorific rift, body fat intake is increasing at a dangerous rate. But, on the “developing” side of world, their populations are very much becoming increasingly vulnerable to long periods of hunger and famine. When we bifurcate the world into separate fat and hungry zones, it shows the most obvious way in which we can feel global inequality and how it is lived, felt as well as seen. This process is very much increasing in present times but the origins of this world polarity as well as differentiation has its roots deep in history (Grigg 1993).

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