Recruitment: Case Study
Publication Year: 2012

The article is based on detailed study of recruitment process and explains the same through a case study. The article questions the case subject so as to give an insight to what recruitment process is.

About the Book

1. Is Sam’s manager wasting her time? Why, or why not?
Sam’s manager is not wasting her time because Sam’s interview technique is not up to the mark due to which organisation is facing the human problem and Sam’s managed need to help him out so that Sam can work on some basic areas. Interviewer need to maintain a particular behaviour during the conduct of interview which affect their performance and may have a crucial impact on the results of interview which needs to be developed with the help of training. Hence Sam’s manager is investing her time in order to understand the issues in Sam’s interviewing technique due to which problem is evolving in the organisation. Though Sam is aware of the human problem in the organisation but he is not aware of the mistakes he was making during conduct of the interview so her manager was the best person to help him out.
2. What are the specific problems with Sam’s interviewing technique?
Some of the specific problems in Sam’s interviewing techniques can be derived out from case study can be given as below:
? Lack of proper attention: An interview is not just a question answer session it needs active participation from both the sides i.e. interviewer as well as interviewee (Cowling and Mailer, 1981). Hence an active participation can be ensured once both are paying proper attention while Sam was involved in so many other routine works (e.g. telephone ringing, people dropping into office) during the conduct of interview which shows lack of seriousness and active participation from interviewee as well.

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