Reasons And Rationalizations
Genre: Business

Prepare a written action plan. Place yourself in the position of the person in your assigned scenario: what should you say, to whom, when and how?

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Reasons And Rationalizations


Jeff has to first check on whether there is any credibility to the information that he has. As some of the news is just plain rumors and coffee machine small talk, it can be entirely possible that the issue might not actually exist and people might be making it up. As Jeff is leading the team, he should first speak to the team of sales representatives and have a discussion with them on the matter. Jeff has already won their trust so he can leverage it to find out the truth from the team itself whether there is any truth to the rumors that he hearing. In the discussion, Jeff should make it clear that he is a part of the team first and part of the company later to let the team know that he is one of them. Only when the people in the team believe that Jeff is one of them will they be completely honest with him about the going ons. He should then ask them about the rumors and try to coax them into telling the truth and if the things like mailing pornography to clients is true. This discussion should be done behind closed doors with nobody else but Jeff and his team being involved in the discussion.

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