Re-engineering Process Description For IBM Credit
Genre: General Awareness

Explain how this case demonstrates the four elements of re-engineering that were described in the chapter (fundamental, radical, dramatic, process).

About the Book


When an organisation decides to change the way the management of the company works and operates within the internal and external business environment, the owners of the company have to select the best option for their company from the range of processes that are available to any business organisations that decides to change the management of the company. It is important that the company understands the process of change and the before and after affects of the change process of management. There are many factors that play a big role in deciding the choice that the company makes for choosing the process of change. These factors are internal as well as external. (Business Dictionary, n.d.)

In this assignment we will understand the business process of the IBM Company which deals in providing loan to the common people. The management has undergone many changes and we analyse the before and after effects of these changes.

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