Public Relations Management
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Use your text to outline the theory of public relations and illustrate this with information about the organisation of your choice.

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Public Relations Management



Organization which is selected for this assignment is a Japanese nuclear power company by name JAPC (Japan atomic power company). JAPC is the only power company of Japan which is solely involved with nuclear power generation. Recently there was a nuclear power plant disaster in Japan due to tsunami and it caused a great stir against nuclear power in country and worldwide. Organization really needs a positive PR to re design its image


Organization’s internal public are its employees, its vendors and suppliers which collectively generate the nuclear power electricity. External people include consumers of the organization’s electricity, its distribution agency and other indirect people involved outside the organization.Other stake holders of organization are local community, government of Japan, various international environmental groups, local group resisting against nuclear energy and society at large.


In year 2011 Japan experienced a serious disaster when tsunami destroyed the nuclear power plant of Fukushima. A earthquake and a tsunami hit the power plant simultaneously and it caused a collapse of the security system and there was a leakage of radiation in the surrounding area. Government had to evacuate 140000 people from neighbouring area of 20 km and there is a unofficial record of more than 1000 people dying in this disaster. All though JAPC was not directly involved in any way in this disaster because this plan was not theirs but after this disaster Japanese government has to declare a nuclear emergency and the area which is evacuated would be inhabitable for next 20 years. Before this disaster Japan was producing nearly 30 percent of its total power production through nuclear power plant and planning to revamp it up to 40 percent because it is a cleaner source of energy and it does not involve consumption of fossil fuels (Takenaka, 2011).

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