Project Management
Genre: Management

You will be given a case study relating to a Going Green application, Green IT Project Management. You are required to analyse the information and perform project implementation activities.

About the Book

Project Management

 The organization under consideration wants to execute a project called Green IT project, which is aimed at making the organization’s operations green through the efficient use of IT. It will not only help the organization to become more socially responsible but also help it to cut the costs it incurs on its current operations. Looking at the benefits the project will provide to the organization in long run with efficient way of operations, the organization has decided to take some steps to make its IT assets and IT operations more efficient. The project involves 16 tasks which are to be done in 16 months as per the plan and will improve the working of 50 users in the organization mostly from IT operations. However it is important management of the project is done from each important perspective to make it a successful initiative.

Time Management

Time management is one of the most important things which the organization must do properly in order to execute this project successfully. As can be seen that there are 16 activities which are supposed to be done in order to complete the project, it becomes a complex project and any delay in any of the activity can cause delay in the whole project. Since there are 16 tasks to be done and the project duration in 16 months as per the plan, every task can be allocated a little less than 1 months so that there is about half a month of buffer period available with the management to look into issues if something doesn’t go as per the plan.  (Goodpasture, 2004)

Cost Management

The organization has to look into all type of costs which it has to incur in order to execute the project as per the plan. Not only the organization has to take into consideration the visible costs but also opportunity and hidden costs before it starts working on the project. As per the budget allocated to the project the management can spend $ 1200000 on the costs which are incurred. However the management must keep at least 20% of the budget as buffer funds and try to complete the project within $ 1000000 so that in case of any events where the project needs to be controlled or there are some unforeseen events, the project can still get completed within the allocated budget of $ 1200000.

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