Project Implementation Review

The purpose of this assignment is to create a Web presence for a fictitious business as a part of its marketing and business development strategy. In order to achieve this goal, you are to prepare a “Business Report and Project Plan” (Stage One) and a “Prototype Website” (Stage Two).

About the Book

Project Implementation Review


After an extensive analysis of online travel agency market and prospective business opportunities which can be tapped, a decision was taken to create an Internet business solution and set up South Pacific Adventures Web site with the purpose of market development and effective channel management. This website has been created to provide services like airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, travel arrangements, bookings of flights, hotels, guides and car, bus transportation and other travel related services. It is quite evident that the business is focusing on offerings specific to only Australia tourism. This decision to take the business online would further help this travel agency in following ways:-

? Business Enhancement.

? Simplify Revenue Management generated through their chain of travel agents

? Increase the engagement with customers.

? Convenience to customers

? Cost Effective way to tap prospective customers

Nowadays it is common for travel agencies to have an internet presence of their own by creating travel websites, with detailed information and related offerings.

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