Professional Learning Management – How successful is Toyota’s International Marketing Strategy in China.
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How successful is Toyota's International Marketing Strategy in China. ?

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How successful is Toyota’s International Marketing Strategy in China


Toyota is world’s leading automobile company which has distribution network in majority of the countries around the world. The vehicles designed by Toyota are considered to be one of the best in their class. The product portfolio of Toyota extends for target segment in every age group as well as income group. The major success factor of Toyota is considered to be the excellent product quality as well as marketing efforts. The quality and innovation of Toyota is the unique selling proposition in the cars segment and this is the reason why this Japanese company has taken over automobile market around the world. Many innovations around the world are credited to Toyota like just in time approach was introduced by Toyota only. This approach is highly successful approach which is being utilized by the almost all the companies around the world. This phenomenon has changed the world of operation function in the companies where manufacturing and processes are of critical importance.

International marketing strategies have also played critical role in making the brand of Toyota as invincible in every country they forayed. These international marketing campaigns were successful in every nation and tailored according to the customer behavior and psychographic as well as demographic conditions of the country. Same strategy was being utilized in the china by Toyota and devised many effective as well as impactful international marketing campaigns.

Research Question         

The research is being carried to analyze the success as well as effectiveness of Toyota’s international marketing in China. The research is done through secondary researches and complete literature review of related articles as well as journals describing international marketing strategies of Toyota.

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