Professional Issues And Practice
Genre: Management

You are to choose one of the items listed (below) and discuss the core topic using the selected item as a starting point. Your discussion should include reference to at least six other items related to the topic so that you gain an understanding of the historical context and current situation of the topic under discussion.

About the Book

Professional Issues And Practice


No other profession globally has to undergo higher number of changes in the last decade than the information profession has. Although, people as well as organizations always reverse change which might be beneficial or not for them. Change is the only constant factor which is present and will be challenged. People always will resist change even it will help for gaining better knowledge which will ultimately help to achieve a better organization. Companies also will resist changes although it will mostly lead to a better as well as more effective system. For every information professional, it is very important to tap into multiple issues so that they can take a fresh look which is equally important for information requirement. Maximum people are keen to stay in known situations rather than move into novel environments. Maximum companies also prefer the same to stay on the course. They try to implement incremental change rather than preferring to initiate disruptive transformation.

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