Power And Control
Genre: General Awareness

What is power?several dimensions and bases Who has power? how is influence achieved? How is power obtained in organisations?What alternative theories and perspectives are there?

About the Book

Power And Control


Power and control has been two most discussed things in the industry circles and they are some of the virtues that they have been used in a bad manner. Without taking a look at how well they have been used and whether it is positive or negative in nature. They have been one of those things that is important for all that is concerned in getting close to the goals and objectives. In defining the power one can say that it is the influence that is used by the person to get things done from others that can help him in achieving his goals and the way in which he exercises the power gives us an idea about the control that he has on others. In an organization the power that one may have may be owing to the interpersonal relationships that he has, the position that he holds or may be the situation in which he is in. The different power that is exerted on people may be Coercive. Legitimate and rewards one of the most common kind of power that we generally see here is that stems out of the hierarchy. One general statement that can be used in terms of power is that people generally need the same and they have to make use of the same in an effective manner (Balain, 2010). This is one of the main reasons while people fail even though they have the power in their hand. The case study that we are going to take a look at gives us a classic example as in how the management failed to make use of the power they had mainly because of the fact that they haven’t used it effectively. The manner in which the power is being directed and the way in which it has been used is also one of the main factors in deciding whether it has been used in an effective manner. The effects of the power and the manner in which it has been used has to be studied from close quarters so that one may say that how they have been effective in handling various situations in the company.

Most of the problems that we see in an organizational perspective is that they have not used the powers and prerogative that is used by the company. One of the main reasons that we see here is that the managers who are in the positions of power lack the required knowledge and this can affect them in a negative manner in making effective decisions (Dawson, 2011). There are also cases where managers seek the power to make use of them for personal benefits and this in fact would result in them acting as predators on the behalf of the employees. One of the main flaws that we see in the organizational structure and hierarchy are that they rarely directed to achieving the organizational goals and this needs a proper framework by which they make use of power which is aligned to the goals and responsibilities of the organization.

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