Poster Assignment
Genre: General Awareness

Your task is to develop an information poster on behalf of one of the Australian Political Parties that will be contesting the next general election. The poster is for display to the general public across Australia (suburbs city locations rural areas businesses etc).

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Poster Assignment


The poster was designed for Australian Greens party in an attempt to stop terrorism. This is one of the grave evils that we have to fight and the countries have been spending huge sums of money on eradicating the same. Even though this has started eating up our own budget we are little concerned about the changes that are happening in the same and at the same time there are very few political parties who questioners the over spend on terrorism rather than just passing political statements on the War on terror. Through this poster we are trying to build awareness in the minds of the people to become a part of the whole process as it is not possible to fight terrorism without the support of the common man no matter how much the government spends on increasing the defense budget and similar things. Through this poster I have learned that when you are communicating to the customers you have to make sure that the message that is passed on to them should be made as simple as possible and at the same time they have to make sure that it is not a redundant information that they are getting so that the ad gets drowned without making an impact in their minds. The image here is the most important aspect as far as me in communication as we can see that visual images capture the audience attention immediately and thus makes them go through the complete campaign.

This is a serious message that we wish to convey to the customers and hence while designing the poster this was kept in mind that the message that would be passed on would be “in your face”. It was also made sure that in order to make the message very serious the color combination that would be used in the design and the typography would be bold to make sure the message gets across in the right sense.When you convey such a serious message to the public, the poster also has to look serious ad hence we have used the picture that shows a part of the world being eaten up by terrorism. The black background that has been used in this case gives a serious out look to the poster and the layout that has been used for the poster gives a serious outlook to the poster as the layout is complex, the poster gives “in your face” message to the customers or the stakeholders. The awareness levels of the people on the issue are very low and we can see that very few people even consider this as a serious issue. The general mind set is that this is one issue that is the part of life and we have to live with it. This kind of a mindset has change and people have to question their governments on how they are spending the tax payer’s money on fighting wars on various parts of the world. They ca actually avoid this if they start building up infrastructure to prevent terrorism rather than just acting in a reactive manner which is what happens in the normal case.

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