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Executive Summary
The Australian tablet market has entered into a mature phase with a large number of players eyeing a share in the market wherein consumers are becoming more and more aware and interested in purchasing tablets for easy and flexible computing. The report presents brief introduction of the Australian tablet market with some highlights of the purpose for which it is majorly used by consumers. This forms important base information for all players in the market looking to launch new products or expanding their market share as need based marketing proves to be successful in the long run. Providing what consumers want and using this information to shape the future needs and trends is the right approach to market strategy development. Identifying the right target segment and creating a unique positioning in the minds of consumers using a strong value proposition helps in reaping the benefits from a given product.
The report attempts to segment the tablet market using demographics, psychographics and benefit based criteria which provide useful insights for marketers. Further, positioning maps have been used to understand how companies have currently established themselves in the market and how they intend to move along. This piece of information would help a player in outlining a market mix that helps it in increasing its market share. Finally, using an existing product, an attempt is made to present the segment customer profile that it could target, its competitive advantage as compared to existing players, and a value proposition for advertisement and promotions.

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