PMS Improvement
Genre: Management

Reflect on the Performance Management System (PMS) of an organisation you know about. This could be the organisation where you currently work, an organisation that you previously worked for, or an organisation where someone you know works.

About the Book

PMS Improvement

You need to now accomplish the following tasks.

1. Describe both the internal and external environment of the organisation.  This context should take into account organisational culture and strategy, key performance indicators, and elements of the external environment.

1. Decide on 2-3 critical, key areas for improvement within the PMS – ones that you would target for change in order to improve the system.  Name these areas in reference to your assigned textbook and class notes. Discuss in detail why you chose these areas and support you choice with empirical research and other information from journal articles.

1. Choose 2-3 interventions or things you could do to improve the problems – that is, say how you would change the PMS in regard to the key areas.  Is there any evidence that these changes would be effective?  Explain why you think each proposed change would be effective based on empirical research and other information from journal articles.

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