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Organizations Culture


Of the many leader’s responsibilities, one of the most prominent ones includes creating and maintaining characteristics of organizations which reward to encourage the collaborative efforts of employees. The culture of the organizations stands as one of those components which is important for sustaining the performance and competitive advantage of companies and this also forms to be one of the greatest reasons for making organizations successful. The reasons for failure in ethics in the realms of organizations is that fact which reduces credibility and so leaders have conceded culture to be the powerful tool of creation and sustenance of performance.The reason behind ethical issues in most organizations is due to the reasons that they cannot be traced to understand the source of these causes. This essay will stay precisely associated to understand the link that consists between organization culture and competitive advantage. The same has been discussed involving Schein’s five primary mechanisms, organization culture and competitive advantage (Davidhow and Uttal 2005).

Organization Culture Importance In Organizations

There has been a growth in regard to various ways through which organizations choose to do business. The culture of organizations as a concept of leadership has been identified as one of the most important concepts that managers use growing their organizations into dynamic framework.Managers in organizations start the process of culture formation imposing assumptions as well as expectations for their followers. According to Schlein, (2004), stated that as stabilization occurs in organizations because they are becoming successful, the primary tasks of each organizations is the assumption of managers becoming shared and embedded within those assumptions being thought of as that process which socializes new individuals. The managers in organization achieve success by consistency sending signals clearly about priorities, values and values.

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