Organizational Theory
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Choose two of the four theoretical perspectives and discuss how each perspective provides us different ways to analyse and understand organisations.

About the Book

Organizational Theory


Organizational theory is not an objective theory. We should be thinking deep so that we can connect the same to practical matters. Organizational theory can be used to improve the value of an organizations need to find out how it can organize itself to reach goals and monitor and control its performance. The need is to achieve results by restructuring activities of organization as well as redesigning company’s processes. Different perspectives can help an organization to be effective and efficient in taking its decisions and implementing them. The two perspectives chosen by me are the Modernist perspective and Symbolic-interpretive perspective.

Theoretical Framework

 A Modernist Perspective believes that the very idea of knowledge will never be complete and behind all information, there lies much more of it. It is with the same belief that followers of this perspective would try and examine the world by testing every idea that gathers against very nature which they see using their five senses. Using these examinations, one should always have the same result. Then this should be considered a fact. This fact will then be said to be truth and hence considered same. One of the main academic researches which are the result of this perspective is General System Theory which was postulated around 1950s. This study was about the ways in which individuals and groups are associated. This is used to identify the ways in which they bond with each other and find the presence of systems and form other systems or become one of systems itself. He found out that subsystems which are part of the main system are different from each other. They are still present in the main system still are different from each other and have expertise in each its own functions (Bertalanffy & Ludwig von 1950).

 When these come together, these systems will come and form the complete system. The product of these functions will make the complete system self-sustaining.  Other aspect of the system theory is that laws exist which can control the system in spite of the hierarchy existing. When we talk about an organization which can be said to have multiple sub systems which are called departments and are within the ‘Super System’ called the global environment. From the systems approaching to observing methods, a modernist perspective will help in allowing observing inner things of organization and how it will motivate the actions which will help the complete company. Using observation power, this will help us to analyzing the organization when compared to statistical data when finding the estimations on the health of organization (Schütz 1967).

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